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Kirkus Indie Review COMING SOON!

As a self-published author I need all the marketing and public relations help I can get. I am so busy writing I just don’t have the time to promote the way I would like to.

My YA Science Fantasy - THOUGHTS TO DIE FOR - has been patiently floating in cyberspace waiting for readers to stumble upon it, read it, fall in love with it - and tell their friends about it. When I learned about KIRKUS reviews I knew I had to get one.

I ordered my review in December of 2018 and it is due February 28th, 2019 which is just 18 days away. I am THRILLED and HOPEFUL that the review will be favorable. Either way, I know it will be HELPFUL in that the review will allow me to see the book through the eyes of a professional reviewer.

It is my ultimate dream/goal to have my story made into a feature film. I recently purchased Final Draft 11 and am in the process of writing the screenplay. I also (as a team with my son) recently applied to Imagine Entertainment’s Imagine Impact 2 Content Accelerator program. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are essentially the Willy Wonkas of the writing community giving 22 “golden tickets” to fortunate and talented writers from around the globe! I have been very busy visualizing our participation in this phenomenal program and will keep you posted! It would be a dream come true!

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