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Kirkus Review for Thoughts To Die For

The long-awaited Kirkus Review for my novel THOUGHTS TO DIE FOR arrived today! It is always helpful and interesting to hear others interpretations of my story.

It is worth mentioning that there are a number of factual errors in the review.

1) The first factual error involves the reviewer’s statement: “Under the gentle watch of a wizardlike man named Hemp, kids like Levi keep thought journals, engage in an aerial sport called Solarshay, and eat veggie burgers at the local diner.”

Correction: The solarshay coach, Maya Solarshay, provides the thought journals to Levi and his peers, not Hemp.

2) A second factual error involves the reviewer’s comment: “But ultimately, the tale is open to any number of tantalizing outcomes. The burning question is: Will Levi be able to direct his mind to choose the right one?”

Correction: The story has a very clear outcome. It is inaccurate that it is “open to any number of tantalizing outcomes.” So, there is no “burning question” as to whether or not Levi will be able to “choose the right one.”

Based on these factual errors and a few other comments it appears that the reviewer did not read my story in its entirety. This is incredibly disappointing.

You can read the review in its entirety here