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Greetings Indie Authors!

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

Do you need support, information, or advice?

Hi! I’m Carolyn - a self-published author and self-publishing consultant. And, I can help!

Being an Indie Author can be daunting! I know because I am one. I have helped other authors - just like you - with all the challenges you are facing right now. With over 20 books under my belt I have had to learn - often the hard way - how to forge ahead. With my knowledge and experience I can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

My one-on-one sessions are ideal for Indie Authors who need a bit of support to move forward. Whether you need help with your penname, book title, cover design, editing, storyline, barcode purchase, book size - or one of a host of other indie author-related issues you are facing. I’m here to help.

Just complete the form below and I will contact you at my first opportunity. Our session can be in person, or via FaceTime or Skype. I am based in San Diego. I am also available to travel for large projects.

Thank you for your time. Don’t give up! You CAN do this.


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