Welcome to - ROUSING REVIEWs!


Are you a self-published indie author? Then you’re in the right place! I am, too!

First, I want to congratulate you on your accomplishment. It takes A LOT to publish a book - and you did it!

As you may, or may not already know - we self-published authors need all the PR and Marketing help we can get!

You may have penned the NEXT BESTSELLER and made it available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and dozens of other online outlets - but readers need YOUR HELP to find it.

Getting friends to write reviews and trying to elicit endorsements from professionals is time consuming and challenging. You need support! Your book needs a jumpstart!

That’s where ROUSING REVIEWS comes in.

Mail me a physical copy of your self-published book and I will help you to promote it. What you get:

1) A professionally written, honest, 250-word written review that you can utilize on your website, social media channels & marketing materials.

2) A link to the video review I will produce and promote via my YouTube channel.

3) A Rousing Review banner with your book cover image and tagline.